The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day

Oh No! It's a very VERY cold day and all of the numbers have frozen!

Children must trace, count and blow on the numbers to unfreeze them, and in the process, new readers will learn colors, seasons, patterns and numbers 1-20. An interactive and educational experience The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Number Day is sure to be a household and classroom favorite.

It's the interactive book that teaches numbers, colors, patterns and seasons!


Interactive Childrens Book with High Interactive Value:

  • Count Numbers 1-20

  • Incorporates the color wheel -- Cool to warm colors in order

  • Hints at combining primary to create secondary colors

  • Includes pattern variation

  • Addresses seasonal change in weather

  • Promotes positive reading and learning experiences


A special thank you to BRIAN from for providing such a wonderful review! YOU are the reason I write books and your review has been chosen

as my author favorite!

GREAT JOB BRIAN and keep reading!

"The clever use of color gradation is what makes the book stand out most, evoking the passage of time and world travel . . . . The hues are evocative enough to make impressionable readers shiver and sweat in the same sitting . . . one worth counting."

— Kirkus Reviews

"The artwork in The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Numbers Day is superb and deeply wedded to the exciting narrative. It is an excellent choice for a vibrant multi sensory education experience for children ages 2 and up." ​— The Midwest Book Review

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